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Posted on 19 July 2011 | No responses

New News:

We’re super excited for our two new releases from Blood on Tape this summer:

Andreas Brandal / Blood on Tape split C39 (RC46)

New cyclic soundscapes by the amazing Andreas Brandal. Complimented and concluded with a solid ritual by Blood on Tape.

Blood on Tape
- Quietus C20 (SLG036)

Sudden sheets of rain usher in an ever expanding cloud of electrified ambient, enveloping you in deep mists. In its wake, the air itself has been altered. The blurred landscape seems familiar, but light refracts through the atmosphere at strange angles. Limited to 100 pro-dubbed cassettes with handmade obi-strips.

Old News:

I’ve got a couple copies of Blood on Tape‘s “The Terror of Solitudes” and the Softland City Sampler left.

Samples are up on the Catalog page.
Get in touch
if you’d like to hear them.

The Softland City Singers live debut was recorded on Brad Barry’s c60 Radio show, May 04, 2010.
Download the podcast here.


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